OYP needs your help

In order to keep our costs reasonable, we rely on members of our host community to provide accommodations for our delegates.


You can sign up to take billets by completing the <LINK TO SIGNUP FORM>.

Billeting For OYP 2019

FEB 15–18 2019
(3 NIGHTs)


The delegates of Ontario Youth Parliament will be meeting in <HOST CITY>, February 15-18.
About 120 youth and adults will need a bed for the nights as well breakfast in the mornings.

Can you help us out by providing a bed and breakfast for at least 2 of our delegates or adult supervisors?  They will need to be picked up at <CHURCH NAME> (<CHURCH ADDRESS) in the evenings around 10:30 PM and returned to the church in the mornings around 8:30 AM (exact times TBD).  If you are unable to provide transportation, but can still take some people, we can arrange transportation.

Our billets are most commonly individuals and families from our host church and community. By clicking on the <LINK TO SIGNUP FORM> link above, you can provide us your information and then we will contact you personally to talk more about billeting for the cabinet meeting. 

For more information, please contact the Billet Coordinator, <LA NAME>, at billets@oyp.on.ca.