OYP needs your help

In order to keep our costs reasonable, we rely on members of our host community to provide accommodations for our delegates. For more information, check out the FAQ below or contact the Billet Coordinators, at billets@oyp.on.ca.

Billeting For the OYP Cabinet Meeting

Oct 26th 2019 (1 NIGHT)

The cabinet (planning committee of OYP will be meeting in Kitchener, October 25-27th, 2019.
About 40 youth and adults will need a bed for the Saturday night (Oct.26th) as well as breakfast the next morning.

OYP is looking for billets that are open and welcoming. Some of our youth will have different gender expression or sexual orientation than what has been traditional, and we seek to make sure that all of our delegates feel comfortable and safe.

Accessibility is also a priority, as we need to be prepared for delegates with different physical needs.

Can you help us out by providing a bed and breakfast for at least 2 of our delegates or adult supervisors?  They will need to be picked up at St. Stephen Lutheran Church (248 Highland Rd E, Kitchener) Saturday evening around 10:30 PM and returned to the church the next morning around 9:00 AM (exact times TBD).  If you are unable to provide transportation, but can still provide accommodations, we can arrange transportation.

Our billets are most commonly individuals and families from our host church and community. Complete the SIGNUP FORM to provide us with your information. We will then contact you personally to talk more about billeting. 

Billeting FAQ

What kind of breakfast is suitable?

Unless billets are told that they have a delegate with a dietary restriction, most standard breakfast items work fine (ie. cereal, toast, muffin, eggs, etc.)

What kind of sleeping arrangements are adequate?

It is preferable that each delegate has their own bed and that it is an actual bed (most sizes). However, we still accept any sleeping arrangements that billets can offer provided they are safe. 

What if I don’t have/use an email?

While we prefer to contact billets mainly via email, we can contact you via a phone call if that works much better for you. 

How far from the host church can I live to be a billet? 

Preferably within 30 minutes from the host church, but we would still love your help if you are a bit further. 

Are the youth able to sleep in the same bed?

Although not preferred, it is fine if that is all that you can offer. Most of the time we will put experienced delegates in arrangements like these so as to reduce awkwardness for younger delegates. 

What if I can’t drive my youth?

If there are difficulties with driving your youth during any or all of the weekend, OYP can arrange drivers to pick-up or drop-off the youth from your residence. 

What if I am not connected with a church?

That is fine as long as you have some connection to OYP or a member of OYP as there needs to be someone who can vouch for your reliability. 

What if I am away during the parliament, yet still want to help billet?

Unless you are willing to let adult resource counsellors (ARCs) stay in your house while you are gone, there are many additional ways to help. To start, any monetary or food donations would be a huge help. Other than that, just spread the word about OYP to potential delegates and others who might be able to billet.

Will I have to be available during the day for my youth?

No, the youth will be at the parliament for the entirety of the days they stay with you. 

Do I have to get a police-check?

No, a police-check is not required. This is due to the time and cost of acquiring one. Instead we rely on personal connections with churches, and alumni to help billet delegates. 

What ages will the youth be? 

Delegates will be anywhere between the ages of 14-21.

Who do I talk to if I have more questions? 

You can contact us at billets@oyp.on.ca