Meet This Year's Cabinet

This year's Cabinet has 28 of the most fantastic people. You may not know them yet, but I hope you can meet them at OYP. To give just a little idea of who they are — we've asked them all a few questions.

We have a collection of extremely talented teenagers and young adults who have been working since the summer to make Ontario Youth Parliament a, hopefully, unbelievable experience. Some have been around for quite a while. Others have been learning the ropes with the help of our lovely Exec.

(hover over pictures to see cabinet bios, link to text only at the bottom)






We'll Start things off with the Public Relations and Communications committees. These are the people in charge of reaching out to new delegates, social media, receiving greetings from celebrities and dignitaries. They are led by the Leader of the Opposition: Emily Sams.


Next up is the Love and Spirit Committee. They are responsible for everything from vespers, writing bows, cheers, songs, and a special joke bill — to co-ordinating with local and global charities. They are a big part of the energy at OYP and they are lead by the Minister of Individual Discipleship, Annie Cullinan, and her opposition minister, Davis Gallagher.


Then we have the House Committee, These folks are responsible for the goings on inside the house. This includes leading the house, deciding the order of business, writing the majority of the legislation for the weekend, and helping ministers and delegates to write special legislation. They led by the House Leader, Maggie Hutchinson, and Her opposition, Erica Geen.


Last (but not least), we have the finance committee. These people do things like planning menus, coordinating billets, getting sponsors, selling merch, organizing the banquet, and balancing the budget. They are led by the Registrar and Finance Minister, Jamieson Aelick, and his opposition, Natasha Walton.