What to Expect

Lay it on me: why should I come?
Let's be straight, it's not really possible to explain the incredible experience that brings delegates back year after year. It's bigger than words. You're in for an unforgettable four days with over a hundred people who'll take on the world with you. It's fun. It's challenging. It will change your life.

What if I'm really keen on this whole parliament thing?
We will high five you.

What if I'm shy?
We will high five you.

Why is OYP held in a church?
OYP began a hundred years ago as an organization within the United Church of Canada. We've changed since then, but we still have a relationship with the church. Each year, a different congregation hosts the parliament; we couldn't make it happen without their hospitality. We value their community and welcome the opportunity to explore spiritual questions in an open and non-judgmental fashion.

Does it matter if Iā€™m not Christian?
Not in the slightest.



How old do I need to be to attend OYP?
You need to be 14-21 years old as of January 1, 2019; and have at least started high school.

What does the registration fee include? 
The registration fee covers transportation for those more than 100 km away, food, accommodations and all activities and events from Friday evening to Monday afternoon.

Who supervises the event?
Adult Resource Counsellors help run Parliament; many of them are OYP alumni with an interest in seeing new generations discover OYP. The minimum ARC-to-delegate ratio is 1:6. All ARCs are required to have submitted a current police check.

How do I get to OYP?
If you live more than 100 km from the host church, transportation is included in your registration fee. We charter coach buses to pick up and drop off delegates at major city centres across the province. Once we hit the road, newcomers are welcomed and introduced to the Parliament experience. There's adult supervision. And snacks.

I'm from out of town; where will I stay?
With a billet. Delegates are billeted with families from the host church and other community members screened through our Billeting Policy. Your billet will provide a bed to sleep in, breakfast in the morning, and transportation to and from Parliament. Delegates are paired up with at least one other delegate (of the same gender identity). This is a unique opportunity for delegates to get to know each other; picture late-night sharing muffins while discussing legislation and how chic the premier's shoes are.

Are there accommodations for people with allergies?
We plan our meals to accommodate common allergies (e.g. nuts, dairy, tomatoes). If you have any food allergies or sensitivities, please indicate them on the registration form and meal arrangements will be made for you. If you wish to discuss specific arrangements, please contact the Chief ARC at chiefarc@oyp.on.ca.

What do I bring?

We've got you covered. For general packing tips: take a look at this video.