We bring together youth from across the province to build friendships, debate current issues, and explore their spirituality.

With legislation focused on youth issues debate at Ontario Youth Parliament is provoking, impassioned, and deeply supportive. Add spiritual reflection, two wild dances, and over a hundred awesome youth — and you've got a weekend that's unlike anything you've ever experienced.

Run almost entirely by youth with the support of adult mentors OYP has a rich legacy of action, leadership, and community. Each year, the event is organized by a newly selected Cabinet that strives to create the best experience possible. OYP is continually changing and growing while maintaining ties to hundreds of alumni across Canada.


OYP will be here before you know it!

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Meet new friends

At OYP, you meet some of the best youth in the province, becoming part of a network of hundreds of passionate young individuals with various different backgrounds and perspectives.

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Speak your mind

Delegates at OYP debate current issues in a supportive environment. You will be able to vote based on your informed opinion and be part of the political process that shapes our country.

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Know your heart

OYP provides a safe and quiet environment for self-reflection and personal discovery through discussion-based vespers. This plays a key role in building an inclusive and tightly knit community.

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