Stay in Touch

Fill out our Alumni Survey so that you can be kept up to date with what's going on in OYP. If you're in touch with other alumni, let them know that we'd love to keep in touch.

You can also stay informed by joining the Ontario Youth Parliament Facebook group and by following us on Twitter.

Spread the Word

Let other's know about what an amazing experience OYP is. Contact the Registrar if you want brochures or posters to distribute in your area.


We're happy to receive monetary donation as well as donations of things we need to make parliament happen - gift cards, paper, love auction items, etc. We are a registered charity and can issue tax receipts for your donation.  Check out our Donations page for more info.


OYP 2019will be held Feb 15-18 in Ottawa ON at Rideau Park United Church Please stop by and bring greetings or say 'Hello'.

The banquet will be on Sunday Feb 17th @ approximately 5pm at Tudor Hall.

Tickets will be on sale SOON! If you are planning to attend, please purchase your ticket by January 31st so we can confirm numbers to the hall.