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Cheque made payable to Ontario Youth Parliament can be mailed to:

Philomina Jose, Registrar OYP 2020
98 Thorp Crescent
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Please contact our sponsorship team  if you have any questions about donating to OYP.


Donations $7,500 $1000

Where will my money go?

Monetary donations are largely used to offset cost of meals and transportation.

A donation of $150 will feed 5 delegates for the duration of the conference

A donation of $100 will pay for transportation for a delegate to attend.

Every donation counts! If 150 people donate only $50 then we will meet our goal.



Why donate? If you're an alumni, you know firsthand the impact that OYP has on young people. If you're new to OYP, above are a couple of long-form testimonials about what the organization has meant to those that are involved.

It's easy to get swept up in disparaging today's youth—media coverage like tech addiction, pop culture, laziness, whatever else—but we don't buy into that. We recognize the power young people hold to positively change the world and each other. We give them the tools and spaces to build important skills. We help them connect and dream for a better future. In short, we believe in youth. We hope you will, too.

First, and possibly most important, OYP has given me some of the best friends I have ever, and probably will ever have. Although it only lasts four days, Parliament is an incredibly powerful place for forging meaningful, lifelong friendships. [...] Moreover, OYP has helped me to discover and solidify what it is that I believe in, by giving me a context that challenges me to think critically and decide my opinions on a myriad of issues. My involvement in the organization has built countless valuable skills, but above all else OYP has also taught me, and so many other youth, what is perhaps one of the most invaluable lessons that a young person can learn: Our opinions matter, our skills matter, our knowledge matters. We matter.

At the end of the day, OYP is not important because it is a place to make friends, or a place to become confident, a place to learn skills or earn responsibility. There are lots of places that can do those things. OYP is important because it is a place that can do all of those things and countless others at once, all while also being the most fun four days of the entire year.
— Hannah
The decision to attend my first parliament was one of the most influential choices in my life. Ontario Youth Parliament has consistently shown me the power of youth engagement in politics and what it means to have truly incredible friends. It has given me a chance to show my leadership skills and to learn more about politics on a provincial and national level. I have been developed my public speaking skills thanks to parliament and now feel more than comfortable standing in front of large groups of people expressing my views. I think most importantly though, parliament has given me some of my closest friends. Model parliament may sound like a strange place to meet your best friends but when you are all growing together and discovering talents that you never thought you would be capable of, it’s surprising the connections you make.

OYP has been around for more than 40 years and I hope with your kind generosity and donations, parliament will be around for many more decades, allowing more young people to join this organization and grow in the same way I have.
— Emily